Use Fitbit to decide who buys the next coffee



Winning at life means free coffee


Login with your Fitbit data to play the game

Select Friend

Pick the friend you want to battle

Who buys?

Least active person buys the coffee*

Coffee Fund

Did you like this? We accept feedback in coffee and food

  • Like

    Buy us a coffee £2.50

    Keep our caffeine levels topped up for a few hours. Enough coffees and we'll have a new product for you.

  • Love

    Buy us dinner: £10.00

    Sustain us with dinner and we'll make beautiful code into the night.

  • Dislike

    Pay us to stop: £100

    We accept you might not like us. This makes us sad, although our office cat, Ripley, doesn't seem that bothered. If you pay us enough we might just stop.

We made this

Team AppAttic - exploring gamification, motivation, achieving goals and painting a bright tomorrow.

Rachel Gawley

Technical Director


Herman Chan

Head of Research

Stay Tuned

This is just the beginning, we are busy working away on related Fitbit, wellness and reward based products.